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Update by user Apr 19, 2014

They finally made it right with me today and sent me the license Key.I was pretty much over being upset and now actually happy that they sent me the key.

Maybe they got more help or something to support their original user base that helped make them what they are today.- J

Original review posted by user Jan 26, 2013

I must say that I'm extremely unhappy with the folks over there at I purchased Guitar Magic 3 a few years back and have since had to change over to a new computer.

One would think that being able to install the software and pick up where you left off with Guitar Magic would be as simple as reloading the software and re-registering the software. BUYER BEWARE!

I have left now four phone messages and have sent over twenty...YES TWENTY emails to these guys and have yet to receive as much as a phone call or an email back. I have sent emails to support@ info@ and register@. At this point I'm pretty sure they just want me to give up and purchase their latest software release.

Their website clearly says that they're still helping folks like myself re-register Guitar Magic III from Spring of Knowledge yet they seem to refuse to help me out. I run a small business and would never do this to a customer. All I want to do is install the software and start learning the guitar with my son.

I'm typically not a big complainer and I hate to have to take it to this level but what can I do? They're not a member of the BBB. They are not willing to return a phone call or even return an email. How long should it take to get a reply from a reputable company? It has now been nearly one month.

Their website clearly says that they're willing to help those with Guitar Magic III out. See the attached image. I'll continue to post on this until the matter is resolved.

Very VERY upset customer...

Be sure you read this before making a purchase with Spring of Knowledge or Guitar Magic.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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These guys did the same thing to me a few years back.I bought the software, got a new computer, tried to register again and nothing.

They're a fraud! Spring of Knowledge should not be in business. If you're looking a buying from them dont.

There are a LOT of other companies out there to choose from.BUYER BEWARE!

- Stash


Wow!!!I'm going through the SAME thing with these guys.

You have no idea how refreshing it is to see that I'm not the only one these Douche Bags are hosing.

I'm going to bookmark this page.Why won't they get back to us?

Denver, Colorado, United States #602223

Well, my review was in September, but it's great to see that other people who are just as pissed as I am are spreading the word!

Denver, Colorado, United States #602218

Dude, I had the EXACT same experience.It worked fine with Win XP, but when I switched to a computer with Win 7, the registration code would reset everytime I opened it.

Such ***....Supposedly Evolution is the fix for that, but I would never give this company the time of day again and would advise the same for anyone else remotely interested in this program.STAY AWAY!

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